fan mail!!

a wee bit of recent fan mail :) thanks to everyone and your kind words.

"Thank you so much!! They are amazing...I love the think tank so much (and my mom and little sister are already sooo jealous...may need their own haha). It will actually be great for teaching in since it is a little longer (plus I feel pretty). As usual - love your stuff!"

"Your designs and store are my discovery of the year!"

"I love both dresses, they fit perfect and I am thrilled to see you support animal welfare."

"...your line is really lovely. I enjoyed the Summer collection and love the Fall line even more!"

"thank you for your wonderful clothes!"

"I purchased a [Honey Bee Tent] top from "Awear" in Collingwood Ontario in the winter of 2009 and I love it!!!!!! I want to buy more. I was wondering if you had any left and if so I will order at least 6 or 7 in different colours if available."

"Thank you so much! I'm as big a fan of you :) I love my dress, it's perfect. Thank you!"

everyone should be so lucky...

Marketa Irglova in our Moth Dress and Wish-Upon-A-Starfish top

music has always been a huge part of my creative process - and there has been so many nights of my designing that was accompanied by the music of Swell Season and the hauntingly beautiful vocals of Marketa Irglova.

can you hear the music, feel it, woven into the the fabric of my designs?

everyone should be so lucky to find a friend, a song, an artist who strikes a chord with them (no pun intended), who inspires and motivates them - and to be able to to show their gratitude. i met with Marketa last monday - such warmth and grace from a tiny frame, and her smile that lit the entire room - and had a chance to show my gratitude. (as i am writing this, a lovely butter yellow butterfly is fluttering across my window!)

Marketa, thank you for your warmth and hospitality. and thank you for your beautiful musical accompaniment to my designs.

photos below courtesy of Neil Ta.

Next Top Model - "A Spring Fashion Affair" Fashion Show

Back in April, we did a little fashion show with NTM in Toronto, along with cute+fabulous design duo Pink Lady Fashion!! Here's a little video!!

Thanks to all the lovely models and the organizers <3


in ontario

we're all settled in Ontario (photos of the new studio coming soon, and more about the move later -) and got a chance to explore a bit. went to a sustainable building lecture today at eco-inhabitat, which is a cute eco-store in a renovated barn in Meaford, with Josh Thornton, an natural building expert in the area. i really enjoyed his talk, and similar to the presentation from Sirewall (rammed earth home builders on salt spring island), i love their holistic approach to building, to life, and our habits and patterns of consumption, the simplicity and grace of our ancestors' way of life (from a mere century ago) and how feasible it is for us to build a sustainable life for ourselves.

and i'm feeling super energized to continue to create a holistic, sustainable life and community, and grateful that there are so many like minded people out there who have helped paved the way for us, and generous in sharing their knowledge.

also picked up a LifeFactory silicone teether from eco-inhabitat for my niece n_n

ahh.. here's a teaser photo of my summer office:

(see? my cell phone is there! i was really working!!... okay i had go to back inside shortly after this photo because of my allergies and there were too many black flies and deer flies munching on my skin)


the clothing show in toronto!!

we're in ontario this summer, and bringing some west coast eco-y goodness to Toronto!!
come check out our sales booth and our fashion show at the Clothing Show at the Exhibition Place!!
  • Friday, May 14th @ 3pm-9pm (fashion show at 7pm)
  • Saturday, May 15th @ 11am-8pm (fashion show at 2pm and 6pm)
  • Sunday, May 16th @ 11am-6pm
and..!! print and bring this coupon for a special secret discount on your purchase :)

can't make it to our sale? you can visit one of our retailers, or shop online anytime at

Fashion Takes Action's Design Forward award

we've been nominated the Fashion Takes Action's Design Foward Award!!
this award is first annual award created in recognition of the many talented eco fashion designers in Canada. there are a number of fabulous designers working toward a sustainable fashion future, and we've been chosen as one of fourteen nominees represent the driving force of the movement in Canada!!

it's really nice to see our efforts and commitment to eco-fashion, organic and sustainable fabrics and notions, our animal welfare charities, and to our eco-ethical processes has been recognized!! (i have to admit, when you work by yourself in a one-woman company, sometimes you wonder if anyone out there notices what you're doing...)

we're so so SO honoured to be recognized, along with some of my favourite Canadian eco-fashion labels!! and congratulations to all the other nominees:

Paper People Clothing
Laura Chenoweth
Revolve Clothing Co.
Nicole Bridger
Salts Organic
Lav & Kush
deux fm
We3 (twigg&hottie)

...AND!! the prizes are amazing!! help us win by voting for us here!!


website update

we finally got around to updated our website... well, most of it. check out the new spring-summer 2010 video slideshow!!

RARE - portraits of america's endangered species by joel sartore

RARE from Joel Sartore on Vimeo.

every now and then, you get to see something amazing in real life - but even when you don't, it still manages to find you on the internet. i hope you'll enjoy this video too.


Dlist Magazine!!

we've been spotted!! we're in Seattle lifestyle magazine DList, for their Green Issue this month!! You can grab a printed copy or view it online (page 52!!)!


more love from Granville Magazine!!

Granville Magazine has been a supporter of flora&fauna since our first season!! This time, the lovely online editor even come out in person to see our fashion show!! It's was so nice to meet the brains and beauty behind their amazing work.

Check out this article on the new Spring-Summer 2010 collection, in stores now!!

and while you're there, check out all the green living tips from gardening to cooking to baby care and more!!



There are soooo many amazing local events going on this month!! We just wrapped up our booth at Canamade, an art and fashion market place that features only everything made-in-Canada!! It was so much fun! and we made so many new friends!! The show is open daily 11am-8pm until Feb 28th, with a rotating roster artists/designers during that time! Don't miss it!!

TOMORROW, we will be featured in the VMFF (Vancouver Music and Fashion Festival)'s Eco-Fashion show, along with some of my favourite local eco designers, like Nicole Bridger, Lav&Kush, and Red Jade!! our show will be accompanied by the slick vocal stylings of Vancouver Island sweetheart Alexandria Maillot!

Com join us at the Barcelona Ultra Lounge at 1180 Granville Street, Vancouver
Friday Feb 19th, starting at 4 p.m!!

Hope to see you there!!


Canamade Olympics Market

We just got back from setting up our booth at Canamade!! We're all set and ready to go!! So impressed with how much bigger the show has grown, can't wait to meet all the other artists and designers, and make some new friends :)

Come join us tomorrow at the opening night to kick off the Olympics!!
Thursday Feb 11, 4-9pm

or come shop Feb 12-16, 11am-8pm daily!!

more info:


junichi tanaka

this past weekend, we had the pleasure and privilege to meet a ceramics artist in Maple Ridge, BC. we have been admiring Junichi Tanaka's work, since we saw his pufferfish teapot in a shop in Toronto about 7 years ago.

Mr. Tanaka's pottery studio was exceptionally clean and organized (much in contrast to my own work space), the air resonated the peace and meditation of his craft. he had carefully laid out is collection for us to view. each piece was uniquely perfect - whispering for you to feel it's shape and the smooth texture of the flowing glaze. these hand made works of art serve an alternate purpose - as a cup, a teapot, a vase, a plate - and many of their designs bend conventions as truly unique works of art.

we left his studio with a few small souvenirs - and more importantly, we left his studio inspired, with peace in our hearts, and the yearning for a handmade life.

junichi tanaka's website:

a few stores where you can find junichi tanaka's work:
prime gallery in toronto
krager gallery in elora
circle craft in vancouver


spring 2010 news

Olympics fever!!

vancouver olympics is fast approaching!! we are so excited to be a part of it!! we will be at Canamade's Olympics Market - along with over 140 Canadian artists, designers, musicians, showing the whole world what we do!! everything at the market is exclusively made in Canada!! what a fun place to shop for souvenirs or meet your local artists!!

Canamade Logo Canamade Olympics Market
feb 11-16, 11am-8pm daily
151 Cordova Street, Vancouver
more info here


out of town?
don't worry, you can still shop our line on our online boutique! And of course you can always find our pieces in stores across Canada - with new Spring-Summer 2010 pieces arriving soon, here's a sneak preview of what's to come in March 2010!!
SS10 preview

from left to right: coccon tunic in white, moth dress in gray, think tank in black, rossia pacifica dress in purple.


did you know?
$2 dollars from the sales of each of our Bumble Bee Hoodies goes to help EYA's (Environmental Youth Alliance) Community Hive Project!

Watch this video to find out more about the amazing work they do to help our bee colonies from disappearing!

Canamade Olympics Market

we had so much fun last christmast at Canamade's Christmas Market, that we've decided to be back for the Canamade Olympics Market!!

come check out over 40 local designers and artisans! everything there is made in Canada - from clothing to food, accessories to skin care products!! there will also be a licensed lounge and DJ spinning awesome tunes - come hang out and meet your your local designers and artisans!!

Canamade Olympics Market
Feb 11-28th, 2010 - 11am to 8pm daily
151 West Cordova Street

check out profiles from the designers exhibiting at Canamade on their blog!! Hope to see you there!!


ming pao feature!!

we were in this saturday's Ming Pao Newspaper's Saturday Magazine!! cool!!

BE clothing boutique

we are excited to announce and welcome a new boutique on vancouver island, be clothing, to carry our line!! they carry only the most lovely sustainable clothing and accessories - all of which are made in canada. for those of you who are looking for the panda bear paw, brown bear paw tops, and honey bee tent tops that are sold out online, erin will be very happy to do a phone/mail order for ya!!

or drop by and visit her cute little store in courtenay!!

(250) 331-0588
113-255 6th St.
Courtenay, BC
V9N 1L6