flora&fauna in Granville Sustainable City Living Magazine!!

check out the little article about flora&fauna in Granville Sustainable City Living Magazine! get your copy at Capers, Whole Foods, and MEC!

critter care christmas fundraiser!!

hey! don't forget about critter care's christmas fundraiser, where you will find exclusive squirrel themed pieces from our holiday collection in the silent auction!! hope to see you there! ^_^

cima coppi

this is so awesome: recycled wool cycling hats, and they can making it out of your old wool clothes too! I can't think of a better way for turn boring office clothes into awesomely stylish cycling clothes!

i love love LOVE these awesome vancouver designers!! cima coppi!!

new website = happy as a kitten

our new website is up! YAY! thanks to the hard work of michael at clifford-design who is, apparently, amazing at everything!

check it out at floraandfauna.ca and sign up for our newletter too while you are there.


BCIT success profile

i was really surprised last week, when Sim at BCIT told me they were going to profile flora&fauna for one of the school of business success stories. i looked at all the other businesses that has been profiled on there previously, and all of their achievements, i was truly humbled. with help and support from everyone at the BEST program (advisors, instructors, mentors, classmates), and my tireless helpers, i was able to complete both the holiday 2008 and spring-summer 2009 collections with no compromises, in the short 5 months of flora&fauna's operations. i can't thank everyone enough, and will continue to work super hard ^_^

here's a link:
BCIT success stories