meet pepper..!

meet pepper! our baby douglas squirrel who is being taken care of at Critter Care until he is mature and healthy enough to survive on his own. we love him very much, and look forward to his return to the wild. ^_^

b-cards for the b-girl!!

among many happy surprises today, i've received my business cards from green printer! They were so amazingly fast and easy to work with - and had the most environmentally friendly paper choices and vegetable based inks. also, the business cards came in a really cute box. these guys sure know how to make a gal feel special ^_^

we'rrrrre moving!!

we're moving out of the beautiful kitsilano neighbourhood of vancouver to the east end in august!! super excited to have a bit more space, and a sunny studio, and to join forces with photographer extraordinaire michael clifford!! pow poW POW!!

also super excited to become friends with the residence dog, Brooke! photos to follow shortly after we move in ^_^

soooooOOo happEE!!

we're on FACEBOOK!!

Yup, it's true. We made a facebook. Join our facebook group by clicking here!