There are soooo many amazing local events going on this month!! We just wrapped up our booth at Canamade, an art and fashion market place that features only everything made-in-Canada!! It was so much fun! and we made so many new friends!! The show is open daily 11am-8pm until Feb 28th, with a rotating roster artists/designers during that time! Don't miss it!!

TOMORROW, we will be featured in the VMFF (Vancouver Music and Fashion Festival)'s Eco-Fashion show, along with some of my favourite local eco designers, like Nicole Bridger, Lav&Kush, and Red Jade!! our show will be accompanied by the slick vocal stylings of Vancouver Island sweetheart Alexandria Maillot!

Com join us at the Barcelona Ultra Lounge at 1180 Granville Street, Vancouver
Friday Feb 19th, starting at 4 p.m!!

Hope to see you there!!


Canamade Olympics Market

We just got back from setting up our booth at Canamade!! We're all set and ready to go!! So impressed with how much bigger the show has grown, can't wait to meet all the other artists and designers, and make some new friends :)

Come join us tomorrow at the opening night to kick off the Olympics!!
Thursday Feb 11, 4-9pm

or come shop Feb 12-16, 11am-8pm daily!!

more info: www.canamade.com


junichi tanaka

this past weekend, we had the pleasure and privilege to meet a ceramics artist in Maple Ridge, BC. we have been admiring Junichi Tanaka's work, since we saw his pufferfish teapot in a shop in Toronto about 7 years ago.

Mr. Tanaka's pottery studio was exceptionally clean and organized (much in contrast to my own work space), the air resonated the peace and meditation of his craft. he had carefully laid out is collection for us to view. each piece was uniquely perfect - whispering for you to feel it's shape and the smooth texture of the flowing glaze. these hand made works of art serve an alternate purpose - as a cup, a teapot, a vase, a plate - and many of their designs bend conventions as truly unique works of art.

we left his studio with a few small souvenirs - and more importantly, we left his studio inspired, with peace in our hearts, and the yearning for a handmade life.

junichi tanaka's website:

a few stores where you can find junichi tanaka's work:
prime gallery in toronto
krager gallery in elora
circle craft in vancouver