cute story today in the globe and mail about a hobby sheep farmer. illustration by a friend, leeay aikawa.


metro + brandi + flora&fauna

nothing quite like waking up the day after a fab fashion show... to see one of your designs on the FRONT COVER of Metro ^_^ and it's worn by Canada's Next Top Model contestant Brandi!!

we are having the best week ever!!

okay okay, i'm done gloating about how cute my dog is, and the awesome press we've been getting... sorta. (did i mention we're in FLARE too? and StyleFinds? and StyleAddict? and Evolved Fashion? haha... thanks everyone! you sure know how to make a gal feel special.)



last wednesday, we unveiled our new Spring-Summer 2010 collection at BCFW, as one of the 3 top finalists of the Generation Next Competition!! Congratulations to the winner of the contest Su-hui, and also to Patty for on their wonderful shows, exciting new fashion business ventures!!

we had a great time, and met lots of new friends!! okay, so the event was dampened by a few mishaps. luckily our show was amazing, thanks to the amazing+lovely models, backstage helpers, and all of our friends who came to cheer us on! YAY!!

thanks to wayne mah for capturing the show on camera!!


the COVER of style section in Vancouver Sun!! OMG OMG!!

guess what? we rock. read all about it in the Vancouver Sun's Style Section.

(and does anyone find it odd that the "monster dog" wolf hybrid looks just like our dog Bitta? and it just so happens to be in the same day's paper?)