why patterns never get done...

why my patterns never seem to get done:

1. doodling (i should mention this happens ON the patterns sometimes, then i have to either erase them or retrace the patterns, because i don't want my pattern grader to think i'm stupid.):

2. this cat keeps coming into the studio, and asking me questions that i don't know the answer to. and then he gives me the stink-eye...:

last week...

WOW, last week as a crazy week! we launched our spring/summer 2009 line at the SFU eco-fashion show, we were one Breakfast Television (aired last wednesday), we had an interview with Shaw TV (aired last friday), and we had an interview with Granville Sustainable City Living magazine!! sign up for a free subscription here, and be the first to see f&f immortalized in print forever! LOL...

Here are some photos from the the runway show!!

with all this fun stuff going on, i am now further behind with my holiday designs than ever, and might have to cut a few of the styles from the holiday 2008 collection! T_T sigh...

wishing you a happy and productive week ^_^

also, a huge huge thank you to Claire for organizing the fashion show, and making it perfect! and also to all the volunteers and models at Susfest!!

Our Debut at SFU Sustainability Festival!!

We are ready to show our first collection, and it's only fitting that it will be shown at the SFU Sustainability Festival's Eco-Fashion Show!! See below image for more information ^_^ (click on the image to enlarge)

new friends!!

at flora&fauna, we're always excited to make new friends! These 2 just happen to share our yard space, and we love them.


muffinhead (ok, his real name is toby)

super meltdown + shopping spree = ^_^

last Tuesday, my computer broke down. despite of tireless efforts from our wonderful in-house tech support person (thank you thank you thank you and also thanks to my emotional support person, and also my shopping companion), my little PC was done for good + forever.

so... i went on a shopping spree, and am poor but happy to announce that flora&fauna now runs on a MacBook! Wee! Luckily, i am able to retrieve all my important files from the PC's hard drives. I should be all set up again and 100% back in business by the end of today!

lots of catching up to do - write more later. and RIP f&f PC!! I'll miss you!!

p.s. dear reader, remember to always back up your files. do it now. seriously.

and into the new studio...

my new office ^_^

very sturdy and beautiful cedar post drafting table, custom made by Kyle Little!! LOVE IT!!