kicking it in high gear... + a quick shout out

with all the buying and delivery dates set in stone by the industry, and my already late start for my Spring/Summer 2009 collection, i am really kicking it in high gear over the next little while.

right now, i'm working on:
- designing SS09 collection (making good progress)
- sourcing for sustainable fabrics
- looking for sample makers
- looking for local manufacturers who will take my small orders
- and also working on my action plan grids and 2 year cash flow projections for the BCIT program

i am really fortunate to have a few people who have helped me tremendously by giving me lots of support, encouragement, advice, industry info, and other very useful resources:
- BCIT Best program instructors and all of my wonderful classmates
- my business advisor at BCIT Ken Takeuchi
- my business mentor Megan @ Peel Designs, whom i have been a fan of since i first 'discovered' her beautiful pieces at
- eco-fashions designer extraordinaire, and friend, and old university buddy Nicole Bridger
- the lovely Glencora at my favourite boutique on main street twigg&hottie
- my very very loving and supportive partner, who, after a long hard day of labour intensive green renovations and a long commute - still finds the time and energy to listen to my scatter-brained rambling, and critique my designs, and make us dinner. who is willing to tighten his belt to adjust to our new diminished income. and is an endless source of my amusement and laughter.

thanks. you guys rock.

in fact, i think it'd be very appropriate for the group of you to stand with this lonely sign at jericho beach for a photo for the flora and fauna blog...

studio tour...

a quick glimpse into the studio
... and further procrastination on doing something with the to-do "piles" on my desk.