Shopping for business cards...

-okay, okay... so i am officially feeling guilty about going with a less-than-totally-green web hosting service. watching the 11th hour last night only made me feel worse. T_T

with that said, i am going to be much less inclined to make compromises on everything else. i am starting to look at making some business cards. my criteria is simple:

- paper: 100% post consumer waste and/or tree-free paper
- inks: vegetable based non-toxic inks
- process: totally cholrine free
- packaging: paper banding (no shrink wrap)
- milage: printer must be within greater vancouver area (preferably accessible by foot/bus/skytrain)

i have found 2 interesting prospects via internet. prices seem reasonable enough. but... i am also thinking of doing a DIY batch of recycle paper and hand stamping/cutting the cards... anyone interested in a recycle paper party?

the pros and cons of DIY recycled paper method:

pros first:
- it meets all the above criteria
- business cards can be made as needed (no overstock or wastage)
- stamp can be used on other stuff (paper pattern, hang-tags...)
- fun!!

- lacks (conventional) professionalism
- design colour (ink stamp) limited
- paper colour/quality inconsistent from batch to batch

love to hear from anyone with experience with this process.