future home of the flora&fauna website

after spending too much time researching different web hosting services, i finally decided to go with netfirm. i DID find a few others who met the criteria in my below post.

as much as i really wanted to go with smaller providers (like solar energy host based out of salt spring island and is the first web host in canada to uses 100% solar power for their servers. or ethical host in toronto who uses wind power indirectly by green tags energy services.), i realized that i need the quality and reliability of a larger, proven provider... especially since i am planning on opening on online boutique. for a few days, i was juggling the risk factors and my desire to support the small potatoes of the web hosting world. since flora&fauna is a small potato as well (actually, more like a tiny sapling), i need the security and support of a stable, healthy environment, to ensure flora&fauna will be well rooted..

my decision concluded with netfirm (based in Toronto), after receiving numerous recommendations for them from my web designer friends, and other friends - one of whom brought netfirm's greening efforts to my attention.

i also learned a valuable lesson for my own product design. although many consumers are often willing to pay more for an eco-friendly and/or ethically made products - few are willing to compromise on quality.

and finally... future home of the flora&fauna website will be here: floraandfauna.ca
there's nothing on there yet, so don't bother checking. i'll let you know once any progress has been made on the website.