OMG OMG OMG i just got a message on facebook from my friend stephanie - who is a garbage princess warrior check out her website here: (she's known for her dumpster diving expeditions, wearing mis-matched socks, and being super quirky cute ^_^)... oh back to the point of the blog post (more about steph later ;p):

we are totally surprised + happy + animals jumping up and down in excitement to be in treehugger's "20 Green Fashion Designers You've Never Heard of (But Oh You Will)" slide show!! we are truely truely humbled to be featured alongside with some of the world's most amazing eco-designers, some of which have been my favs for long time ♡

did you know that treehugger has been my home page for more than 5 years? srlsy!! love them!!

now please excuse me while i jump up and down with the cats and dog in happiness.