autumn is...

autumn is definitely my favourite time of the year. i love the way the air feels, and how everything smells, and especially how the cats' coats start to get thicker and they look so cute, puffy, and extra snuggly!!

autumn is a time of transition. and despite of the appearance of 'closing down' in preparation for the winter - with the trees letting go of their leaves, flowerless stems bowing in acceptance of their return to the earth - it's a time for us to focus our energy inwards. reflect. revere. heal.

i took a break from the regular flora and fauna routine yesterday, and spent the day crafting a simple meal carefully garnished with loving thoughts and good vibrations, for a few friends and family. took time to eat slowly, listen deeply, happily dwelling in that moment.

back to work at full speed today, and feeling pretty good! i am wrapping up the holiday production, and starting on design for the fall/winter 2009 season. meticulously researching charities and material sources, to mindfully design the perfect pieces! it'll be flora&fauna's second season. i have learned a lot about the business world in the first season (and i have to admit most of the learning was done the hard way), and am looking forward to applying my new knowledge, but also prepared to continue learning... and stubbornly not losing sight of the true purpose of flora&fauna - which, you should know, is flora and fauna.

hope you too have found that things you love that makes you feel like everyday is too short.

note: photo above is my dad's from a fall hiking trip at Spencer Gorge and Webster's Fall in Hamilton, Ontario.